Hidden Barriers

An Open Letter to the Women of Firsts

The women of Firsts may have shattered the proverbial glass ceiling, but it is us up to us as the women of Next to pick up the pieces of glass that remain on the floor.

PERSPECTIVE: I am the Majority

A strange feeling came over me and I thought to myself, “Is this the odd feeling that women talk about?” I looked around and realized there was only one other male Airman in the room and, suddenly, we were the minority.

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3 thoughts

  1. Just a note to say “Great job!” for this site. I was a LTJG in the Navy in 1969 and, even though I was married, I was discharged when my pregnancy was discovered. My husband stayed on in the Navy and eventually retired. I decided to use my benefits for graduate school, after being discharged, and found out that I could not claim my daughter, or my husband, as dependents, even though a man could always claim his wife and children as dependents, whether or not they were dependent on him. Years later that was rectified, and we filed and got back allowances.

    The story going around then (don’t know for sure if it was true) was that a CDR in the Navy was discharged when her pregnancy was discovered, even though she planned to, and did, release the baby for adoption. The baby’s father, of course, continued with his Navy career with no problem.

    I’m very glad that this has all been rectified but am not surprised that much discrimination remains. I went on and taught high school for almost 40 years and had a union to protect me. Keep fighting, sisters!

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